Quality Advisor Training

The NIOST Quality Advisor Training prepares participants to provide technical assistance to programs working on program improvements. We recommend that Quality Advisor training participants have extensive experience (usually three years or more) as a school-age care practitioner, staff supervisor and/or consultant.

Goals of Training:
  • Learn to build a mentoring relationship with each program.
  • Learn to support programs at all developmental stages.
  • Learn to use observations to identify areas for program support.
  • Learn to assess and counsel programs using a variety of tools including ASQ (Assessing School Age Quality) or APT (Assessment of Program Practices Tool).
  • Build confidence and skills as a Quality Advisor through a hands on learning experience.
Targeted Audience:
  • Individuals and organizations working on program improvement.
Training Content:
  • Two days of training on content areas identified in the training goals above.
  • Includes a supervised site visit to a local program for each group of approximately five participants to practice observation skills and tool use. Plus a facilitator led debriefing session that begins the practice of learning how to implement technical assistance.


NIOST Contacts:

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