Special Population

Afterschool Matters
"Doing Hair" and Literacy in an Afterschool Reading and Writing Workshop for African-American Adolescent Girls
"It Means Thank You": Culturally Sensitive Literacy Pedagogy in a Migrant Education Program
A Youth Development Approach to Evaluation: Critical Participatory Action Research
And Girl Justice for All: Blending Girl-Specific and Youth Development Practices
Boyz 2 Men: Responsible Empowerment for Inner-City Adolescent Males
Build IT: Scaling and Sustaining an Afterschool Computer Science Program for Girls
Civic Spaces: Retooling Public Libraries to Attract and Engage Teens after School
Co-constructing Space for Literacy and Identity Work with LGBTQ Youth
Combat Sports Bloggers, Mad Scientist Poets and Comic Scriptwriters: Engaging Boys in Writing on their own Terms
Connecting Urban Students with Engineering Design: Community-Focused, Student-Driven Projects
Creating Opportunities for Mutual Affiliation: Gang Prevention and Relational-Cultural Theory in Project YES
Does Your Organization Welcome Participants with Disabilities? A New Assessment Tool
Effective STEM Programs for Adolescent Girls: Three Approaches and Many Lessons Learned
English Learners and Out-of-School Time Programs: The Potential of OST Programs to Foster EL Success
Éxito: Keeping High-risk Youth on Track to Graduation through Out-ofschool Time Supports
Exploring Self-Esteem in Girls' Sports Program: Competencies and Connections Create Change
Girls’ Challenge Seeking: How Outdoor Exposure Can Support Girls in Taking Positive Risks
Growing Boys: Implementing a Boys’ Empowerment Group in an Afterschool Program
Growing Leaders in Native American Communities: An Interview with Gerald Eagle Bear
Growth in Motion: Supporting Young Women’s Embodied Identity and Cognitive Development through Dance After School
Helping Low-Income Urban Youth Make the Transition to Early Adulthood: A Retrospective Study of the YMCA Youth Institute
Hmong High School Students in Afterschool: Effects on Achievement, Behavior, and Self-Esteem
In between Work and School: Youth Perspectives of an Urban Afterschool Multimedia Literacy Program
Investing in Social Capital Afterschool Activities and Social Affiliation in Immigrant Youth
Learning English and Beyond: A Holistic Approach to Supporting English Learners in Afterschool
Many Versions of Masculine: An Exploration of Boys’ Identity Formation through Digital Storytelling in an Afterschool Program
Media Gangs of Social Resistance: Urban Adolescents Take Back Their Images and Their Streets through Media Production
New Faces, New Places: A 4-H Science Learning Program in Urban Out-of-School Settings
Next Generation Youth Work Coalition
Project Exploration’s Sisters4Science: Involving Urban Girls of Color in Science Out of School
Research-Based Practices in Afterschool Mentoring Programs
Researcher’s Notebook: Converging issues in an Out-of-school Time Program for African Refugee Children
Supporting the Literacy Development of Low-Income Children in Afterschool Programs: Challenges and Exemplary Practices
Supporting Youth with Special Needs in Out-of-School Time: A Study of OST Providers in New Jersey
The Differential Role of Youth Development Program Participation for Latina/o Adolescents
The Effect of Afterschool Program Participation on English Language Acquisition
The Girl Game Company: Engaging Latina Girls in Information Technology
The Power of Play: A Literature-Based After School Sports Program for Urban Youth
Toward More Equitable Outcomes: A Research Synthesis on Out-of-School Time Work with Boys and Young Men of Color
When the Divide Isn’t Just Digital: How Technology-Enriched Afterschool Programs Help Immigrant Youth Find a Voice, a Place, and a Future