Workforce Development

Afterschool Matters
Bringing in the Tech: Using Outside Expertise to Enhance Technology Learning in Youth Programs
Building a Skilled and Stable Workforce for After School Programs
Building an Afterschool Workforce: Regulations and Beyond
Check it Off ! A Youth Development Approach to Staff Training
Defining Our Terms: Professional Development in Out-of-School Time
Getting the Right Fit: Designing a Professional Learning Community for Out-of-School Time
Helping Low-Income Urban Youth Make the Transition to Early Adulthood: A Retrospective Study of the YMCA Youth Institute
Human Resources: Staffing Out-of-School Time Programs in the 21st Century
Infrastructures to Support Equitable STEM Learning Across Settings
Keeping Children Safe: Afterschool Staff and Mandated Child Maltreatment Reporting
Keeping the Faith: How Moving from School to Afterschool Kept Me an Educator
Learning from Science: Case Studies of Science Offerings in Afterschool Programs
Making the Most of the Middle: A Strategic Model for Middle School Afterschool Programs
Math Is Like a Scary Movie? Helping Young People Overcome Math Anxiety
Measuring and Understanding Authentic Youth Engagement: The Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric
Measuring Program Quality: Evidence of the Scientific Validity of the Assessment of Program Practices Tool
Moving Forward and Growing Together: Interview with Sylvia Lyles
Naming Common Ground: Literacy and Community
Networks Analysis of a Regional Ecosystem of Afterschool Programs
Paper Copters and Potential: Leveraging Afterschool and Youth Development Trainers to Extend the Reach of STEM Programs
Perils and Promise: Afterschool Programs on School Territory
Power Sharing: Building Community School Relationships from Friendship to Marriage
Preparing Youth for the 21st Century Knowledge Economy: Youth Programs and Workforce Preparation
Right Time, Right Place: Building an Online Learning Community for Afterschool Practitioners
Shared Research Dialogue: One College’s Model for Professional Development of Youth Practitioners
Supporting Youth with Special Needs in Out-of-School Time: A Study of OST Providers in New Jersey
Teaching the What as well as the How: Content-Rich OST Professional Development
The Four Cs of Afterschool Programming A New Case Method for a New Field
Understanding the “How” of Quality Improvement: Lessons from the Rhode Island Program Quality Intervention
Using Professional Development to Enhance Staff Retention
Voices From the Field: "Systems Trump Programs” A Case for Agency Support in Afterschool
Why Are OST Workers Dedicated—or Not? Factors That Influence Commitment to OST Care Work
Youth-Adult Partnerships: A Powerful Force for Community Change