Afterschool Matters
“I Could See Myself as a Scientist”: The Potential of Out-of-School Time Programs to Influence Girls’ Identities in Science
“Writing Is Not Really Something I Do”: Engaging Reluctant Male Writers
An “I” in Teen? Perceived Agency in a Youth Development Program
Boyz 2 Men: Responsible Empowerment for Inner-City Adolescent Males
Civic Connections: Urban Debate and Democracy in Action during Out-of-School Time
Civic Spaces: Retooling Public Libraries to Attract and Engage Teens after School
Combat Sports Bloggers, Mad Scientist Poets and Comic Scriptwriters: Engaging Boys in Writing on their own Terms
Connecting Urban Students with Engineering Design: Community-Focused, Student-Driven Projects
Creating Engaged Citizens: Using Young Adult Novels and Thematic Units to Encourage Democratic Action
Crumpled Molecules and Edible Plastic: Science Learning Activation in Out-of-School Time
Democracy in Action: Experiential Civics Learning in Afterschool Advocacy Days
Éxito: Keeping High-risk Youth on Track to Graduation through Out-ofschool Time Supports
Exploring Self-Esteem in Girls' Sports Program: Competencies and Connections Create Change
Fabulous Fashions: Links to Learning, Literacy, and Life
Growing Boys: Implementing a Boys’ Empowerment Group in an Afterschool Program
Helping Low-Income Urban Youth Make the Transition to Early Adulthood: A Retrospective Study of the YMCA Youth Institute
Infrastructures to Support Equitable STEM Learning Across Settings
Jumpin’ Jaguars: Encouraging Physical Activity After School
Long-Term Participants: A Museum Program Enhances Girls’ STEM Interest, Motivation, and Persistence
Math Is Like a Scary Movie? Helping Young People Overcome Math Anxiety
Measuring and Understanding Authentic Youth Engagement: The Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric
Now More Than Ever: Changing Lives in an After School Theater Program
Participation Over Time: Keeping Youth Engaged from Middle School to High School
Promoting Physical Activity in Afterschool Programs
Rowing and Growing
Self-Assessment of High-Quality Academic Enrichment Practices
Shared Research Dialogue: One College’s Model for Professional Development of Youth Practitioners
Shifting Expectations: Bringing STEM to Scale through Expanded Learning System
So You Want to Be a Superhero? How Making Comics in an Afterschool Setting Can Develop Young People’s Creativity, Literacy, and Identity
Supporting the Literacy Development of Low-Income Children in Afterschool Programs: Challenges and Exemplary Practices
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Transformative Work in Programs for Children and Youth
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