Youth Development

Afterschool Matters
“I Could See Myself as a Scientist”: The Potential of Out-of-School Time Programs to Influence Girls’ Identities in Science
“Writing Is Not Really Something I Do”: Engaging Reluctant Male Writers
A Youth Development Approach to Evaluation: Critical Participatory Action Research
An “I” in Teen? Perceived Agency in a Youth Development Program
And Girl Justice for All: Blending Girl-Specific and Youth Development Practices
Before the School Bell Rings: How a Before-School Physical Activity Program Improves Executive Functions
Beyond the Pipeline: STEM Pathways for Youth Development
Check it Off ! A Youth Development Approach to Staff Training
Connecting Urban Students with Engineering Design: Community-Focused, Student-Driven Projects
Creating an Agency Culture: A Model for Common Humanity
Creating Opportunities for Mutual Affiliation: Gang Prevention and Relational-Cultural Theory in Project YES
Crumpled Molecules and Edible Plastic: Science Learning Activation in Out-of-School Time
Curriculum and Professional Development for OST Science Education: Lessons Learned from California 4-H
Empowering Youth Work Supervisors with Action Research Strategies
Girls’ Challenge Seeking: How Outdoor Exposure Can Support Girls in Taking Positive Risks
Growing Our Own: Former Participants as Staff in Afterschool Youth Development Programs
Helping Low-Income Urban Youth Make the Transition to Early Adulthood: A Retrospective Study of the YMCA Youth Institute
Helping Youth Prepare for Careers: What Can Out-of-School Time Programs Do?
Hmong High School Students in Afterschool: Effects on Achievement, Behavior, and Self-Esteem
Learning Across Space Instead of Over Time: Redesigning a School-Based STEM Curriculum for OST
Long-Term Participants: A Museum Program Enhances Girls’ STEM Interest, Motivation, and Persistence
Making Learning Work
Math Is Like a Scary Movie? Helping Young People Overcome Math Anxiety
Measuring and Understanding Authentic Youth Engagement: The Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric
Measuring Program Quality: Evidence of the Scientific Validity of the Assessment of Program Practices Tool
Next Generation Youth Work Coalition
Paper Copters and Potential: Leveraging Afterschool and Youth Development Trainers to Extend the Reach of STEM Programs
Research-Based Practices in Afterschool Mentoring Programs
Researcher’s Notebook: Converging issues in an Out-of-school Time Program for African Refugee Children
Rites of Passage: Preparing Youth for Social Change
Rowing and Growing
Systemwide Implementation of Project-Based Learning: The Philadelphia Approach
The Curtain Rises: How Community-Based Arts Contribute to Youth and Community Development
The Differential Role of Youth Development Program Participation for Latina/o Adolescents
The Four Cs of Afterschool Programming A New Case Method for a New Field
The Power of Play: A Literature-Based After School Sports Program for Urban Youth
The Quest for Quality in Afterschool Science: The Development and Application of a New Tool
Toward More Equitable Outcomes: A Research Synthesis on Out-of-School Time Work with Boys and Young Men of Color
Transformative Work in Programs for Children and Youth
Voices From the Field: "Systems Trump Programs” A Case for Agency Support in Afterschool
What If? Building Creative Cultures for STEM Making and Learning
You Are Here: Promoting Youth Spaces through Community Mapping
Youth Engagement and Quality of Experience in Afterschool Programs