Afterschool Matters
“A Deep Passion for Reading and Writing”: An Interview with Lena Townsend
“I Could See Myself as a Scientist”: The Potential of Out-of-School Time Programs to Influence Girls’ Identities in Science
A System That Works: Highlights of Effective Intervention Strategies in a Quality Improvement System
A Youth Development Approach to Evaluation: Critical Participatory Action Research
And Girl Justice for All: Blending Girl-Specific and Youth Development Practices
Before the School Bell Rings: How a Before-School Physical Activity Program Improves Executive Functions
Boyz 2 Men: Responsible Empowerment for Inner-City Adolescent Males
Creating Engaged Citizens: Using Young Adult Novels and Thematic Units to Encourage Democratic Action
Creating Holistic Partnerships Between School and Afterschool
Creating Opportunities for Mutual Affiliation: Gang Prevention and Relational-Cultural Theory in Project YES
Dealing with Behavior Problems: The Use of Positive Behavior Support Strategies in Summer Programs
Don’t You Want to Do Better? Implementing a Goal-setting Intervention in an Afterschool Program
English Learners and Out-of-School Time Programs: The Potential of OST Programs to Foster EL Success
Éxito: Keeping High-risk Youth on Track to Graduation through Out-ofschool Time Supports
Getting the Right Fit: Designing a Professional Learning Community for Out-of-School Time
Healthy Eating in Out-of- School Time: The Promise and the Challenge
Helping Low-Income Urban Youth Make the Transition to Early Adulthood: A Retrospective Study of the YMCA Youth Institute
Infrastructures to Support Equitable STEM Learning Across Settings
Keeping Children Safe: Afterschool Staff and Mandated Child Maltreatment Reporting
Making the Most of the Middle: A Strategic Model for Middle School Afterschool Programs
Math Is Like a Scary Movie? Helping Young People Overcome Math Anxiety
Research-Based Practices in Afterschool Mentoring Programs
Self-Assessment of High-Quality Academic Enrichment Practices
The Four Cs of Afterschool Programming A New Case Method for a New Field
The Plague of the Broken Crayons and the Heads That Haunted Us
Toward a Movement: Uniting Organizers and Direct Service Providers in a Movement for Juvenile Justice Reform
Toward More Equitable Outcomes: A Research Synthesis on Out-of-School Time Work with Boys and Young Men of Color
Transformative Work in Programs for Children and Youth
Understanding the “How” of Quality Improvement: Lessons from the Rhode Island Program Quality Intervention
Using Action Research to Engage Youth in Improving OST Programming
What If? Building Creative Cultures for STEM Making and Learning