Afterschool Matters
“I Could See Myself as a Scientist”: The Potential of Out-of-School Time Programs to Influence Girls’ Identities in Science
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Creating Engaged Citizens: Using Young Adult Novels and Thematic Units to Encourage Democratic Action
Crumpled Molecules and Edible Plastic: Science Learning Activation in Out-of-School Time
Curriculum and Professional Development for OST Science Education: Lessons Learned from California 4-H
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Global Kids Organizing in the Global City: Generation of Social Capital in a Youth Organizing Program
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Keeping Children Safe: Afterschool Staff and Mandated Child Maltreatment Reporting
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Measuring and Understanding Authentic Youth Engagement: The Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric
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Research-Based Practices in Afterschool Mentoring Programs
Self-Assessment of High-Quality Academic Enrichment Practices
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